SyncSplint fabricated through final aligners and initial models

The purpose of SyncSplint is to accelerate and synchronize every aligner treatment, supporting it from the initial to the final stage. SyncSplint is fabricated based on the final position of the teeth as it is planned in the orthodontic setup. SyncSplint must be used together with full set of aligners minimum 2 hours per day. It is possible to use SyncSplint in parallel with products of every well known clear aligners vendors and trade marks. ————————— Requirements for fabrication: 1. Initial models (digital or plaster) or silicone impressions. 2. The final aligners for the treatment. 3. Information for the number of the planned treatment. ————————— All received materials will be send back together with а patient polymer motivational models and SyncSplint


SyncSplint for accelerating and synchronizing the orthodontic treatment is made as a double splint, with an upper and lower groove corresponding to the shape and width of the arch, ensuring its tight fit to the properly arranged teeth with the orthodontic aligners placed on them. The grooves are designed as curvilinear surfaces tightly covering the curvilinear shapes of the outer surface of the aligners provided for the last phase of treatment. Thus, when the acceleration and synchronization appliance is used sequentially with the aligners from all phases of the treatment, it takes the shape of the teeth from the current stage of treatment and applies additional forces in the relevant areas.


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