Aligner treatment acceleration and synchronization is a new era of the conception for aligners therapy. SyncSplint orthodontic appliance is applicable for all aligner systems. The idea behind the development open a big horizon in front of all dental proffesionals. Integration, acceleration and guarantee of the orthodontic therapy with invisible aligners is now easy and available no matter of the aligners type or producers.


Aligner Treatment Acceleration And Synchronization

Aligner treatment acceleration and synchronization is the key for the successful stories of the orthodontic patients. The best solution for patients and dental professionals is the possibility of treatment in a short time, but with controlled application of forces. SyncSplint applies sufficient forces to the teeth and aligners to achieve the planned movements. It is enough for the patient to use the splint once or several times per day for about 60 minutes. After several days he will be ready to change the aligner with the next one from the set. This innovative approach changes all existing applications of the orthodontic aligners. SyncSplint technology gives full confidence to dental professionals. It is possible to use it in parallel with products of every well known clear aligners vendors and trade marks because it can only boost and support the orthodontic clinical protocols. With the predictability of SyncSplint, the answer to the question "ALIGNERS or BRACKETS" will be unambiguous.


Synchronization of Orthodontic Aligner Treatment

A number of splints for the upper and lower jaw are used in the alignment treatments. Patients should wear until the planned results are achieved. Many factors during treatment can lead to different performance in both jaws. As a result, orthodontic malocclusions are observed and need to be further corrected. SyncSplint covers both the upper and lower jaw, distributing the forces and displacements of the teeth. The daily use of SyncSplint together with the aligners leads to full synchronization and guarantees success in orthodontic treatment.

SyncSplint Technology Advantages 

Easy Aligners Adjustment

SyncSplint facilitates the initial adjustment of each aligner of the treatment set. No additional tools are needed!

Treatment Time Reduction

Aligners are used mainly to maintain the current stage results and to control the applied forces. Their number can be reduced!

Jaws Synchronization

SyncSplint uses the upper and lower jaw teeth for support in both directions when applying forces. This ensures synchronized results.

Welcome to the future of aligners

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