First International SyncSplint Presentation

First International SyncSplint Presentation was in Porto. The European Aligner Society’s Summer Meeting, Porto, Portugal from 1 – 2 July 2022 is set to attract 350 delegates from around the World. After a most difficult 2 years, Summer Meeting will bring together those with a shared passion for aligner orthodontics. The EAS Congress Committee had curated a program, which explores the tips and trick in aligner orthodontic virtual planning and treatment techniques. The theme of Summer Meeting is:




How to apply virtual tips & tricks to enhance clinical experience." 


SyncSplint resentation with a poster "SyncSplint - Acceleration And Synchronization Of Aligners Treatment" is entirely in the spirit of the latest innovative research by the world's leading authors. The posters will be presented live at the summer congress in Porto and online on the global internet platform Whova. The SyncSplint poster is now available online, having already received a HIGN ATTENDENCE badge from the platform.


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