Aligners Initial Adjustment With SyncSplint

Aligners initial adjustment is as easier as ever with SyncSplint. There is no need of silicone rolles or other accesories. Each time the patient changes his аligners with the next ones in the kit, there may be a problem with the initial placement. This can happen for many reasons and always creates inconvenience for both patients and dental professionals.

However, such situations are normal in the case of aligners therapy, because in order to be able to move the teeth, the aligners are always slightly different in shape from the dentition. In all such cases, SyncSplint helps to adjust the aligners. It is only necessary to place SyncSplint on the aligners and with a slight repeated clenching of the teeth, the problem is solved.

Dental professionals can also trust SyncSplint whenever they decide to provide several aligners to their patient at once. The splint will help the patient to adjust his next aligners by himself at home and thus the chair time can be reduced.


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