Treat differently with aligners

"Treat Differently With Aligners!". The concept set in the creation of SyncSplint makes the new approach to aligner therapy completely possible. We are used to relying on aligners to apply the necessary forces to move the teeth while the patient wears them 18-20 hours a day. Тhe method is becoming more widespread and the successes are undeniable.

However, what will happen if we change the approach to aligners treatment by adding an orthodontic appliance that covers both jaws with the aligners at the same time? We will apply additional forces for several hours of the day synchronized on the upper and lower jaws. For one or two hours a day, SyncSplint will move the teeth in a controlled manner, and for the rest of the day, the aligners will hold and complete the correction. The patient can wear SyncSplint together with the aligners several times a day for about an hour at times when it will not in any way complicate his daily life. During the rest of the time, wearing the aligners will ensure the retention and achievement of the stage result.

The SyncSplint concept completely changes the methods for straightening teeth with aligners and opens new horizons in orthodontics.


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