European Aligner Society – EAS Porto 2022
TITLE: SyncSplint - acceleration and synchronization of aligners treatment
AIM: Method and personalized appliance for acceleration and synchronization of orthodontic aligners treatment.
SyncSplint motivational models scheme
MATERIALS AND METHODS: After creating an orthodontic setup for the patient we can fabricate a SyncSplint together with aligners. SyncSplint is an U-shaped splint covering precisely the two jaws with the aligners fabricated for the final stage of the treatment. It is possible to make the appliance from one or several materials with different elastic characteristics. The patients have to use the individual created SyncSplint not less than 60 minutes per day together with the aligners, during the full process of treatment. SyncSplint increases the applied forces until the moment when teeth reach the position set for the current aligner shape. After that moment the current aligner preserve the teeth from extra forces application and the patient is ready for the next aligners planned for the treatment.
SyncSplint forces
RESULTS: The parallel usage of SyncSplint and aligners give us the possibility to increase the applied forces. The treatment time is reduced but with fully controlled forces. There is no loss of occlusion until the end of the treatment.
CONCLUSIONS: The SyncSplint method reduces the duration of the treatment, eliminates the need of additional aligners for finishing and optimizes the chair time of the dental professional.
SyncSplint poster authors


Orlin Atanasov, DENTALIGN Department R&D

Assoc. Prof. Miroslava Dinkova, PhD, DSc, Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University - Sofia, Bulgaria

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